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Take the Hassle out of FAIS Compliance – It Can Be a Simple Business Routine

Now You Can Delegate FAIS Compliance Monitoring To a Responsible Person in Your Business


Compliance Monitoring Systems CC is a registered external compliance practice (No 4453)

As such we know that the day to day management of FAIS Compliance is complex and results in a loss of productive time. For this reason, many providers put off essential procedures and functions until the last moment. Some ignore them completely.

Your business is to provide financial services to clients.

Our business is to provide useful management and monitoring services that simplify FAIS compliance as far as possible without any loss of integrity.

Our mission is to reduce as far as possible the time it takes financial services providers to become and remain FAIS compliant.

Our clients include

  • Key Individuals who alone are responsible for the compliance function of their business;
  • Internal compliance officers; and
  • Because our services provide such elegant, comprehensive and useful procedures and reports, we have External Compliance officers with multiple clients who benefit from the ease and simplicity of our solutions.

A detailed description of the services available to each of these specific clients can be seen by clicking on SERVICES on the Menu tab.

  • We provide the person responsible for compliance in your business with a series of online questionnaires that examine every aspect of compliance - in detail.

    Our unique web based tool asks no-nonsense compliance related questions in plain English and monitors your compliance on a month to month basis. Immediate feedback and “what to do now” is given for all problem areas. This means that any person in your organisation can monitor compliance because we examine everything relevant to your business and then provide detailed information and “how-to” instructions for every aspect examined.

  • Each year we produce a detailed Guide to the completion of every question in the Annual Compliance Report. We use plain English and members get a free copy. 

    Once again this is in plain, easy to understand, English (no legalise). For an example of some of the pages from the 2008 Guide, click here

  • We send you regular reminders to notify the registrar of any changes in your business details.
    We list all the areas where changes are notifiable. You don’t have to remember any details – we tell you what you need to know. We also tell you exactly how to notify the registrar in each case. These reminders are sent to members every fourteen days.
  • Members have access to a growing list of useful templates. At present these include:
    • Disclosure Templates
    • Compliance Checklist
    • Client Mandate
    • Client Checklist
    • Client Advice Record
    • Complaints Policy
    • FICA Rules
  • These templates can be personalised to ensure that all the statutory disclosures comply fully with the requirements of the Act and the Code of Conduct.
  • We Provide assistance with queries From The FSB
    Should any queries arise after an FSB visit or in respect of a Compliance Report we provide assistance and guidance to members on how to properly respond to such queries.
    We do this to ensure that we fully understand the member's situation and the requirements of the FSB. This involvement enables us to keep all other members up to date and informed of current FSB requirements.
  • We remind you well in advance of all filing deadlines and other statutory duties.
    Deadline reminders for filing annual financial statements, paying annual levies and for filing the Compliance Report will be sent to you well in advance and thereafter on a regular basis to ensure you don’t forget and end up paying penalties for the oversight
  • Immediate Telephonic Or Online Advice
    When you are unsure of how to handle a routine matter, pick up the phone and call us or send us an email.
  • Proper Complaints Resolution Procedures
    Complaints, if handled incorrectly, can turn into a disaster. Our system provides all the procedures needed to properly manage any complaint. In addition, members can ask for guidance and support when dealing with actual complaints.
  • Members have access to a full library of resources.
    You will have access to
    • all relevant legislation
    • all Board Notices
    • all FSP forms
    • all Ombud Rulings
    • updates on important compliance issues, amendments and new legislation
    • Occasional newsletters when important matters need to be communicated
    • a detailed Procedures Checklist
    • a Procedures Guide
    • a complete indexed Guide to FAIS Compliance and
    • a comprehensive selection of templates and forms for adaptation and use in your business.

If you would like to discuss these services in more detail, click here and provide brief details so that one of our consultants can contact you.

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Get all of this for as little as R 250.00 plus VAT per month. The peace of mind is a free bonus . . .

Click here to join CMS now.

You will be asked to fill in a few simple businesses and contact details and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

We have no minimum contract period and if you are not 100% happy with the CMS system you can cancel at any time on a months’ notice.